Monday, June 23, 2008

Riley Says Thanks

This is a new stamp I just got from Hanna Stamps. I just love the fact that you can put your own message in the banner! I guess I'm going through a polka dot phase. I seem to want to put dots on everything! I received an order today from someone I work with for six thank you cards. Of course I only had four, so here I am really tired tonight, trying to (creatively) make two more cards. This is one of them. Most of my stamps are flowers so it's always kinda fun to work with something different. (I bought a new Hanna set too which I can't wait to use). I never stamped a moose flying an airplance before! lol!


nitestamper said...

so, so cute !!!!!!!tfs:)
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Lynda said...

TOO CUTE! I think I NEED some of those images!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

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chelemom said...

I am sure Simone will be thrilled to see a moose flying a helicopter....running over there now to tell her!LOL! And what's with the photo corners? Were they on your desk again? LOL! (Just kidding!)