Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hanna Chills

Yep, that's what I'm doing right now. Chillin'. Why?

1.Because I had such a stressful day at work today. I work in accounting and it's E.O.M for us and nothing is balancing for me! Yikes!

2. Because guess what? I think I'm coming down with a cold!!! I feel feverish, have a sore throat and my chest hurts. You do the math...

3. Because I love you guys and can't wait to get home and start blogging to see what everyone's been up to.

Well, now that I've vented I wanted to share this card I made with you. I'm experimenting with new card designs and thought this was a little different. I think I came up with it on my very own but who knows anymore! I also might have seen it somewhere and it stuck in my memory. It's almost Friday everyone!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE

By the way, my friend Michele is giving away some cool blog candy this weekend! Check it out if you like free stuff!


Pat's Paper Passion said...

When I think I'm getting a cold or my throat is beginning to get sore, I get zinc cough drops.

I like your design and coloring. I'm still being challenged with marker or colored pencil coloring.


Diane said...

You poor girl!Hope you feel better by now,you deserve a good cup of coffee! Love that card btw,I've seen a couple of cards with that image...she's so cute isn't she!
Great job on the card girl!

Shirley said...

Totally love your card and the words are great!