Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by a fellow blogger Sandra! I've been asked to list seven random things about myself. Well, here it goes...

1. I am happily married to a very generous and attentive man who I believe to be my soul mate. (Not that he can't be a pain in the butt sometimes)!

2. Our (fourth) grandson will be born in the next four weeks!

3. I have been stamping and scrapbooking for nine years.

4. My favorite colors are pink, blue and purple.

5. I am a Chemo Angel. I belong to a non-profit organization that provides emotional support to Cancer patients undergoing Chemotherapy by sending cards, letters and gifts. We support them through to the end of their treatment.

6. I love animals, especially dogs. I have two collies (that look just like Lassie).

7. I have never been on an airplane!

Okay, now I have to pass this on to seven lucky people! lol

2. Kim
3. Diane
4. Deb
5. Michele
6. Shirley
7. Amy


Shirley said...

How very fun Joanne! LOL and it is fun to learn a little more about the people you 'blog' with. I'll be out tagging tomorrow. :-)

Diane said...

Gee Thanks Joanne,lol! It was great learning things about you though!I'll play along,check back!
Thanks for the comment on my great news! I'm so excited,I just can't wait!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Hey, Kiddo, thanks for taggin' me! Unfortunately, I'm the single-most boring person on the planet and absolutely no one is the slightest bit interested in anything about me ... let alone seven things!!

LOLO, I kid you not! I was tagged a couple of times a while back and people wrote and told me that I put them to sleep ... zzzzzzzzzz ... that's how boring I am!!

But thank you sooo much for thinkin' of me. I {heart} you Big Lots! Wait. I {heart} Big Lots! And you!


Sandra Smart said...

Thanks for playing along! And you look way to young to be a grandma 4 times! :) That is so awesome!

Cindy Haffner said...

So sweet to take me thanks.

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